Trends in Accounting and the Future of Work

Nowadays, more and more people seem to be shifting away from the concept of the 9-to-5 job, which has become more or less synonymous with slave labor in some eyes. For some time now, the freelance economy has been growing steadily, and people are becoming more open to unconventional ways of finding income. In this way, trends in accounting could have a profound impact on the future of work . In this post, we’ll review three trends that are defining accounting practice right now, and discuss how these developments will influence the business world in years to come.

1) Trends in Accounting
Digitization is playing a larger role than ever before, with most companies now fully paperless. Gone are the days when accounts had to physically count every check to ensure everything was accurate; they now rely on digital ledgers for fast, accurate results. As businesses continue their shift to online methods of record-keeping, accountants will need to keep up by learning new skills—like IT skills. The future accountant may be just as likely to be fluent in .pdf’s as she is in current accounting practices.

2) Flexible Working Opportunities
Communication. While many people assume that remote workers are less efficient than their office-bound counterparts, a growing body of research shows otherwise. In a recent study published by Stanford University, researchers found that employees who worked remotely for at least some time during a six-month period were 13 percent more productive on average than those who worked solely from an office. Another study from ROWE, a flexible work organization, revealed that remote workers are 33 percent more productive.

3) How Remote Workers Succeed
If you’re running a business, it’s safe to say that its success is directly related to your staff. To ensure they are all on task, focused on reaching goals, and happy at work is paramount. This means offering incentives for productivity, engaging with your staff outside of work hours, building morale…the list goes on. But there’s one way to increase engagement among your team: offer remote working opportunities.

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